Let’s stop Greenwashing!

In GreeniTOP® you can find products with certified and attested LEED®, FSC, PEFC, GREENGUARD, EPD, GECA, CRADLE TO CRADLE, sustainability features!

What is GreeniTop®?

The goal of GreeniTop® (statement GiT) is to promote and to make easily accessible all the products and companies that have certified, tested and verified their sustainable features, in line with the national and international procedures. As a matter of fact, you can not only search products and companies by commercial category, but also by certification type.

Furthermore, it was created a GiT product badge that gives every product a score, in order to give value to excellent products and companies, so that the products with a higher number of sustainability certifications are promoted.

GiT can be useful for professionals, designers, builders and whoever needs to find products, which not only have specific quality features but have also got specific certifications, tests and documents, in line with national and international rating systems.

GiT can be useful for companies that want to give value to their products and to the certifications obtained.

Thanks to its wide range of products and certifications categories, GiT is the only Italian portal that promote certified products with sustainability certificates verified by experts and that allows the search of products following national and international systems.

GiT rating system rates, through an objective score on different levels given by an indipendent Technical Committee (GiT Advisors), the sustainability and the Italian origin of the finished products.



The term “Greenwashing” is the totality of the general and ambiguous terminologies as for example bio, eco, compatible, sustainable, recyclable, compostable, natural, genuine etc., used by producers/business owners, without providing objective and verifiable support.



A unique and exclusive brand to differentiate your product from the competition.A clear signal for sustainability.

Differentiate your GREEN products from competitors!


Benefits for companies

GiT Product Badge allows manufacturers of high-quality building materials, furniture, etc,  to differentiate themselves from competitors and set a clear signal for sustainability.


Benefits for professional

GiT products are among the highest-green products on the Italian market. The set of standard we consider enables decision makers and buyers to make a quick and easy pre-selection of suitable products.