GiT Product Badge

GreeniTop® is the first Italian rating system that rates, through an objective score on different levels given by an independent Technical Committee (Advisors), the sustainability and the Italian origin of the finished products.

What does GreeniTop® value?

GreeniTOP® recognize a product, by means of its Technical Committee, considering the following objective evidences:

  • 1st type (ISO 14024) Third Party Product Certifications
  • 2nd type (ISO 14021) Environmental Self-certifications
  • 3rd type (ISO 14025) Environmental Statement of the Product
Why do we rate products?

There are around 800 ecological labels on the market, that is to say objective or not so objective   certifications, declarations and certified documents that state that a certain product is “green” and that the product meets specific environmental performances.

How can you find your way in this complex matter?

How can you understand if a brand, a sticker or a label you find on a product, on its package or in a commercial guarantees that the product is really eco-friendly?

You can judge a product considering different environmental features, for example:

  • How much energy do you have to consume in order to produce it (Co2 emission)?
  • Do the materials used to build it respect the legislation in force (allergies: ex. VOC)?
  • Is the manufacturing local (0 km. or Made in Italy)?
  • Are the producing processes controlled and traceable (according to the manufacturing protocol)?
  • How much recycled material is used in the product, package included (material consumption)?
  • To what extent is it recyclable (waste production)?

Benefits for manufacturers

GiT Product Badge allows manufacturers of high-quality building materials, furniture, etc,  to differentiate themselves from competitors and set a clear signal for sustainability.

Benefits for buyers

GiT products are among the highest-green products on the Italian market. The set of standard we consider enables decision makers and buyers to make a quick and easy pre-selection of suitable products.



The term “Greenwashing” is the totality of the general and ambiguous terminologies as for example bio, eco, compatible, sustainable, recyclable, compostable, natural, genuine etc., used by producers/business owners, without providing objective and verifiable support.



A unique and exclusive brand to differentiate your product from the competition.A clear signal for sustainability.

Differentiate your GREEN products from competitors!