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500 LBB

Thermal Protection

Extruded polystyrene panel (WITHOUT HCFC - WITHOUT HFC) ISOLEX 500 LBB is an extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) panel recommended for: - the thermal insulation of floors (ground floor or inter-floor floor) for civil use (standard and heat-heated floors) and industrial use (standard, heat-heated and cold rooms floors); - roofs: pitched roof (ventilated or micro-ventilated), reversible flat roof (terrace roof, green roof, floor for parking or drive over), inverted flat roof not practicable; - against the ground; - sub-foundation. The ISOLEX 500 LBB type panel, made of extruded polystyrene in the dimensions of 1250x600 mm, has a smooth surface (with leather) and a hinged edge on 4 sides.

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Green Features #4

  • ISO 14001

  • Recyclable Product Packaging

  • Recycled Content Preconsumer

  • CE Mark


Credits for LEED® System #8


EAp2 Minimum Energy Performance

EAc2 Optimize Energy Performance

MRc3 Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Sourcing of Raw Materials

MRc4 Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Material Ingredients

MRc5 Construction and Demolition Waste Management

IAQc1 Enhanced Indoor Air Quality Strategies

IAQc2 Low-Emitting Materials

IAQc5 Thermal Comfort