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Thermal Protection

INCI SRL deals with metal constructions that are completed with complementary materials such as roofing and infill panels. Isoparete Piano is a sandwich panel used for use on the walls of industrial and commercial buildings, characterized by an interlocking system with hidden fixings. It can be used in combination with Isoclass wall sandwich panels, Isoparete Plissè wall sandwich panels and Isoparete Box wall sandwich panels. Isocop is a sandwich panel for roofing ideal for industrial, commercial and agro-zootechnical structures. Versatility of use, load capacity and simplicity of installation make Isocop a reliable solution for any kind of intervention, from new construction to roof refurbishment.

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Credits for LEED® System #5


EAp2 Minimum Energy Performance

EAc2 Optimize Energy Performance

MRc3 Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Sourcing of Raw Materials

MRc5 Construction and Demolition Waste Management

IAQc2 Low-Emitting Materials