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Primo Lockers 1000


Echo Locker containers take up the Dieffebi concept of the modular container, but interpret it in the light of new methods and functions that allow not only to overcome a traditional and anonymous "filing cabinet effect", but also to integrate this piece of furniture in the most diverse situations of setting and use: from smart office to coworking, from hotels to public places, from libraries to gyms and many others. This new system integrates a series of aesthetic, technological and compositional solutions that make it a versatile tool for containing, furnishing, organizing space and facilitating operations, in an ideal synthesis of privacy, sharing and security Primo Lockers 1000 is a modular container with metal structure and parts

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Green Features #3

  • Recyclable material

  • Recycled Content Postconsumer

  • Zero VOC Mineral-base product


Credits for LEED® System #4


MRc3 Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Sourcing of Raw Materials

MRc5 Construction and Demolition Waste Management

IAQc2 Low-Emitting Materials

IAQc6 Interior Lighting