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out_PIETRA and in_PIETRA


Porphyry, quartz and granite recovered from stone processing and ground into an original mixture, are subsequently compacted by pressing. An innovative and sustainable production cycle that only requires the product to dry: since the LA PIETRA COMPATTATA is not cooked, it does not generate any emissions of CO2 and pollutants; use of recycled water, exclusive use of recycled materials, reuse of processing waste complete the ecological choice pursued by the company. out_PIETRA is La Pietra Compattata dedicated to the outdoors in_PIETRA is dedicated to the floor and interior covering Out_PIETRA and in_ PIETRA are available in 4 collections: Cromie, Pietre, Likeabee, Sartorial Projects. An emphasis on what can be defined as a non-collection: Sartorial Projects comes from the creativity of the client where size, color, workmanship and possible decoration are made according to one's desire

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Credits for LEED® System #4


SSc5 Heat Island Reduction

MRc3 Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Sourcing of Raw Materials

MRc5 Construction and Demolition Waste Management

IAQc2 Low-Emitting Materials